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Learning Items

The following 11 learning items are marked as active:

General Learning

In Progress:
  •   Your First Year In Code (Book)  
  •   How to get a job as a web developer (Blog)  
Up Next:
  •   Getting Started (Blog)  


Up Next:
  •   Git Explained (Blog)  
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The following skills have log entries and time associated, but no matching progression datasheet:
  • angular
  • docker
  • framer
  • nodejs
  • storybook
  • typescript
  • wordpress

Blog Improvements

Data Generation

  • Add a “Books” page that scoops up all book progression items and outputs them to a table (can be hidden for now!)
  • Add project name tags to old blog posts (for use with Projects table)
  • Wrap-Up Page - summarize the time clocked towards specific skills and any progression entries completed within a certain number of days (past week?), along with a digest of all posts made.
    • Make it easy to share to social media!


  • Use calls to GitHub statistics with mirrored GitLab repositories to cross-reference git data with blog data
  • “Year in pixels” style blogging map for days with posts
    • Navigate through to see all posts for that day (can reuse existing search query w/ date format %b %d, %Y)
  • Graphs of post metrics over time
  • Posting gap bugged with new year, need to inspect closer


  • Make the skill collection and data generic (for example, could be reused for a spoken languages learning breakdown)
  • Create includes versions of task deferral messages
  • Build a “Quotes” element to replace existing quotes

Quality and Code Health

  • Add documentation to all Jekyll/Liquid functions
  • Blog posts as Progression items should probably all be moved to References, perhaps replicate Quality metric from progression items?

User Experience

  • Improve CSS for cross-browser compatibility
  • Improve accessibility (this needs to be made measurable)
  • Server push notifications to PWA on new content
  • Advanced search functionality
    • Filter posts by date range, duration, skills, length, confidence level, status, and more
    • Filter skills by time, date range, progression, references, and more
  • Implement a new blog theme


  • Look into duplicated “Firebase” entries in Skills page on Learning Log
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