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ID Status Learning Item Type Related Project Date Completed
1 Complete Markdown Tips & Tricks 1 Blog Learning Log 8/18/2020
2 Complete Markdown Tips & Tricks 2 Blog Learning Log 8/18/2020
3 Complete Wes Bos's Mastering Markdown Course Learning Log 9/15/2020

Quick Reference

[Link text](url "title tag")

For longer URLs,

[Link text][token]



Images in Markdown are simply links with an exclamation (!) proceeding the link.


Links and images can be nested! For example:

`![`![Tiny image](tiny image link)`][Full-size image]`

You can also embed HTML inside tags.

Simplified Image Linking


`[token]: /learning-log/img/link.svg "alt-text"`

Diff Blocks

Using the syntax ```diff as a fence allows you to highlight code changes explicitly:

var x = 100;
- var y = 300;
+ var y = 200;