Below are my rough notes from the Get a Job webinar in the official web dev community Discord.

Please note that these notes are VERY rough as the conversation moved very quickly and I was interrupted a few times during the call!




  • take out irrelevant details
  • highlight requirements from listing
  • use more focused skills for specific job listings, show jack of all trades for more generic
  • use word economy
  • include some personality but keep it brief and small
  • always write a cover letter no matter what, people w/o covers typically cut first

cover letter with cover letter, communicate with employer that you’re someone you’re building trust with

establish pros and cons, know what I’m looking for ahead of time

job applications are a numbers game

  • don’t be too picky at first, just need to get foot in the door
  • shoot for 10 jobs a day or a certain number of hours every day, just make it a thing you do interviewing is a unique skill, requires a ton of practice

social media highly curate social media network network network, internal hires are 80+%

behavioral questions, “STAR” methodology

  • situation
  • task
  • action (what YOU did, I pronouns)
  • result of the action google common behavioral questions

Interview tips, avoid asking yes or no questions, use questions to ask company to describe actions they take the prove the questions I’m really after

GOOD QUESTION: What’s the most important thing to the company, is it the product, the customers, or the employees?

  • As multiple people to see if the company has consistent goals and communication, red flag if you get drastically different answers

job seeking pyramid (insert image) Job seeking pyramid

  1. Resume (where most job seeker first look for work, top of pyramid)
  2. Using an ad or job posting
  3. trusted agency
  4. networker
  5. internal candidates/referrals (where employers first look to hire, base of the pyramid)