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On the client site, we got our very first employer postings from the Dayton Art Institute! The representative that created the opportunities provided lots of productive feedback and suggestions, which we adapted into new tickets in the Airtable tracker.

With issues reported from team members and users alike about our coupon codes not consistently displaying to users, we decided to modify our pricing approach. For now, we’re no longer using coupons but instead adjusting opportunity posting prices to zero, and adding terminology around where users select it to draw attention to the post-promotion price. The key effort here is to try and establish the value of the postings up-front to hopefully both attract early adopters and make rolling back promotion discounts in the future less resistive.

We’ve tried a few different approaches towards monetization now, and it’s been insightful to see how things have evolved over the life of the project so far. The consistent focus has been on establishing the value of the service being offered, and being mindful to not cheapen the brand. There has also been a trend towards simplifying the number of transactions overall, which makes sense when considering the potential resistance of using a system for the users. I’m definitely taking notes for any future SaaS products I might try to build!

The site is increasingly gaining more press attention, and it’s exciting to see our “In The News” page content continue to grow.

With the increased visibility and more community events on the horizon, the site received a few UX reviews and we discussed and created tasks to help make the site feel more polished, consistent, and predictable for users. The employer and talent sides have about as much parity squeezed in as we can now, and it feels easier to use. We’ve also rolled out some features on the admin side to help our team better track our interactions and coaching with individual users.

On the 15th, we discussed our next steps over the holidays and decided to break until after the new year. I have a few outstanding tasks for the site and a few things to research, but also many commitments to family and neglected projects around the house that could really use my time and attention, so I opted to prioritize those during the break.

Moving forward, my next key task is to rework our login processes, which requires site changes to be fairly stable so I can dissect things in Staging without needing to rush any changes for Production. There’s still a healthy trickle of adjustments rolling through, and I’ve gotten emails about some new big changes, so I’m hoping that we can quickly resolve many of these lingering tasks and I can get a few weeks to focus on trying to tackle this issue. At the time of writing, I’m unsure if this is a problem that can be “solved” or if it will ultimately point us towards either a different job board plugin or a custom solution.

We have two new community events in January, and our first meeting back on the 12th, so it’s shaping up to be a busy month! I’m increasingly getting pinged by people outside of this client site project to collaborate on projects and attend events, too. I’m hoping to take some time over the break to evaluate where I want to head this next year and where would be the net-best place to focus my efforts.

To date, I’ve donated over 380 hours of unpaid full-time work towards the development of Silver is Gold, and it has been an excellent networking experience and very educational in the startup realm. I hope to get back to my studies and work on technical projects this year, too!

Time Breakdown

Here’s a record of my time spent these past weeks:

  • 12/3
    • 1h
  • 12/6
    • 2h
  • 12/7
    • 1.5h
  • 12/8
    • 1.5h (hit week time target limit)
  • 12/14
    • 3.5h
  • 12/15
    • 1.5h
  • 12/16
    • 0.5h
  • Team break for holidays