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After a few supercharged productive days since my last meeting, I was able to focus in and knock out most of the new tasks for Silver is Gold over the weekend. My goal was to get everything pushed to Production before I left town, however it turned out that the rest of the team wasn’t available to approve the tasks in Staging until Wednesday. I tried to squeeze in the most critical stuff, but the new pricing structure and account permissions were a bit too complicated to rush into place - no “deploying at 4:50pm on a Friday” here!

My spouse and I spent time with my family in the Rockies for a few days to unplug, decompress, and refresh in crisp and cool mountain air. Getting up and heading into the mountains by 7 AM every day was such a cool experience. We were able to see all kinds of wildlife and weather conditions, from hot and dry to a few inches of snow, just days apart. I’m ready to head back out there!

It was a little tricky, mentally burrowing back in to all of the changes and setting adjustments I had implemented the week prior once we returned from Colorado. Thankfully, the task management workflow I had created in Airtable previously was a lifesaver here, as I could quickly see exactly where I had left off on every task and copy over the snippets I had written during the Staging implementation.

The remaining pricing and visibility changes successfully rolled out over a few nights, and were subsequently accepted and closed. The site is looking more polished and more user-friendly with each step, and I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve.

A few days later, Airtable rolled out new interfaces! I dug into this same-day and made a “working” view to better show me task dependencies and any feedback that may have been submitted by the team. For meetings, I also created a statistics view to help summarize the task data:

An interface built in Airtable showing statistics and the current distribution of tasks for Silver is Gold

The team had their first community event on 11/16, and it went well! Fifty-four people came out for two hours to talk with members of the team and participate in a workshop. Interestingly, however, there were no additional sign-ups for talent profiles in the days following the event! I’m curious to look at the analytics and try to see if I can gain any insights. Our suspicion is that the profile creation process might be too lengthy or intimidating, so we’re looking to change up some wording and reorder elements to be a bit easier to follow.

After thinking through things and while managing some challenges in my personal life, I reached out to a mentor to both catch up and get some advice. I’ve been busy spinning many plates these past few months, and need to redistribute my time commitments to better adapt to life’s challenges, and I knew that they would be the best person I know to talk to about this.

We discussed how to connect where the client site is right now to where they ultimately want to take things. Relatively speaking, it’s easy to get caught up in batching out tickets, but that doesn’t necessarily deliver the best benefit to the client and the project, nor if it’s at the cost of me having the bandwidth to deal with personal demands or invest in activities that may be more valuable long-term. Some of the challenges I’m struggling with could probably be resolved with some deliberate self-study, so I would love to partition off some of my time bucket back into active learning and building.

Chatting with the client team, I discussed re-prioritizing tasks and imposing tighter focus, limiting work-in-progress, reducing my time contributions, and establishing immediate steps and milestones. Everyone was exceptionally supportive and receptive, and we were able to quickly get things reordered. We discussed expanding the technical team, and other resources that could be shared. I’m very grateful to be working with such an understanding and supportive team of people!

Time Breakdown

Here’s a record of my time spent these past weeks:

  • 10/21
    • 1h
  • 10/24
    • 4h
  • 10/25
    • 1h
  • 10/26
    • 2h
  • 10/27
    • 1.5h
  • 10/28
    • 1.5h
  • Out of Town
  • 11/7
    • 3h
  • 11/10
    • 2.5h
  • 11/11
    • 1h
  • 11/14
    • 0.5h
  • 11/15
    • 2.5h
  • 11/16
    • 1h
  • 11/17
    • 1h
  • 11/19
    • 0.5h
  • 11/22
    • 1h
  • Holiday! 🦃
  • 11/27
    • 4h
  • 11/29
    • 1.5h