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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind experience. As of writing this post, I have three drafts roughed out about this latest experience with burnout. The last draft is dated January 5th. By the end of that day, we received unexpected notice that we needed to move by the end of the month, and I was to be back in the office the next day.

To be fair, it seemed like life had been pretty pre-occupied off with COVID-19 and both social and political unrest, so the past few months have been really quiet within the realm of things I can immediately and directly influence.

Thankfully, now that we’ve had some time to work at it, my spouse and I were able to negotiate staying in our rental for an additional month, and are very close to finalizing on new living arrangements. I was fortunate that I was also able to successfully request working from home during the first week back so that I could help field calls and quickly discuss options with my spouse as they came up during the day. It has been a lot of re-budgeting, coordinating and taking tours, and late night discussions over multi-lens pros-and-cons lists, but every day is step closer to regaining some stability.

This post will go up before the burnout drafts are complete, as I’ve seen a ton of traffic on my blog recently, so I want to show that I’m still thinking about the blog and development pretty much constantly, haha. While I haven’t exactly had the bandwidth to “get back at it” in terms of the purpose of this blog, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t still been moving forward in aligned objectives these past few weeks!

  • Got turned down (twice?) for the first job I applied to
  • Applied to another role
  • Was contacted by a recruiting firm, and have had lots of great conversations helping me to validate and calibrate my personal targets and focus
  • Took a technical evaluation (and scored pretty decently!)
  • Clarified to myself better what things are important to me in company culture
  • Reached out to my network to say hi and establish more rapport with people I’ve only met digitally
  • Overhauled my digital reading experience and loaded up on a ton of great e-books

Additionally, I had been focused on trying to get my whole health back on track while recovering:

  • Slept a LOT to work through my accumulated “sleep debt”
  • Got my sleep schedule back on track
  • Spent some time with my hobbies
  • Took more dedicated time to relax and chat with my spouse
  • Got back into my workout routine
  • Cleared out some clutter and made my work place less distracting

There’s still quite a bit more work in the next few weeks ahead with packing, moving, and getting everything switched over and updated, plus a large project and training course I’ll be delivering at my day job. I am hoping to wrap up the burnout posts in the coming days, but understandably having a place to live will take high priority! I’m still evaluating the quantity and format for new logs going forward, and I’m thinking that things will need to be simplified or a little shorter to help keep burnout in check.


What is going well?

I am very grateful for my spouse and our families, and I am grateful for my friends and network. Everyone we’ve spoken with has been incredibly supportive and encouraging.

What could be better?

I want to be exceptionally careful to be aware of how I am feeling as I get things moving again. Far too many things are demanding my attention right now, and it is okay if I have to move a little slower to make sure we get through safely.


  • Get writing again and put out a blog
  • Work out!