Focus Rest
Theme Recovery

A friend invited me out on a hike today! We had been chatting about our experiences with burnout, working through it, and getting past the mental “buzzing” that comes from chronic stress and anxiety. We’re going to a nearby state park that I’ve not visited before, so I’m excited to check it out.

It was the perfect day for a hike. The weather was quite chilly, but perfect once we had been hiking a few minutes. My friend brought his dog and some fruit for breaks, so between that, the exercise, and great discussions, it was a comprehensive serotonin experience, haha!

About an hour in, looking out over the rushing water of the river, my brain finally stopped buzzing like a nest of angry bees. It was the first time I have able to genuinely relax and breathe normally in ages.

It’s funny - I almost feel more exhausted now that I’ve experienced some relief. I think it is probably a more genuine feeling of just how absolutely tired I am. It’s like I’ve finally sit down after being on my feet for 16 hours straight, and I don’t want to move at all for a bit.

This is good, and I’m going to just exist within that feeling. Maybe tonight I will finally sleep well.


What is going well?

I am fortunate to have friends that are genuine and caring, and willing to share their experiences and struggles to help others in need. Today was exactly what I needed!

What could be better?

With this breakthrough, I want to allow myself full room for rest and recovery, and to build on the peace I’m feeling today. I want to be kinder and more forgiving to myself for not “pushing through” burnout, and to just relax.


  • Attempt to rest
  • Go for a hike!