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Theme REST!

This past week has been absolutely action-packed! To recap, I…

  • Started a book
  • Finished that book
  • Submitted a PR to a public project
  • Had my PR accepted and pushed live
  • Got knocked down, but picked myself back up and got inspired
  • Redesigned my portfolio site (again), configured my tools, and began blocking out components
  • Redesigned my resume and cover letter styling, and populated my resume
  • Submitted an application to a dream company
  • Did some soul-searching on my values, goals, and what kind of changes I’m looking to make in my life
  • Launched a live blog 👏 every 👏 single 👏 night 👏

I’ll be honest, I am completely exhausted, haha. The excitement of everything happening kept me working late and too energized to fall asleep easily all week. It has been wonderful, though, and I have been constantly encouraged by the outpouring of support from my spouse, mentors, friends, and network, who helped me get through everything way more than they internalize.

I’m eager to continue on with my learning and projects, but I feel that my evening will be best spent prioritizing resting and healing from how non-stop things have been this past week. Trello agrees, calling me out at the top of my LinkedIn feed with a post about the importance of restorative rest for productivity. There are multiple action items getting way too close to the holiday deadline that need to be wrapped up ASAP this weekend… 😏😂 Yeah, you can tell I’m sleepy, because I’m pushing awful puns out in a live blog - those usually get cleaned up in editing! Tomorrow’s schedule is already packed, so I want to make sure I’m ready for the day.

Similarly, I haven’t had the chance to spend much casual time with my spouse or friends, and Friday nights is typically online party game night with our group, so it would be a good chance for non-networking social interaction.

As time permits, I may spend a tiny bit of time plugging away at FreeCodeCamp some more. I’m in the simple stuff right now, rounding out and verifying my foundational knowledge, so it’s mostly just interactive reading. I’ll be sure to stop if things start getting mentally involved!


  • Rest!!!