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Early into the morning, feedback started coming in from the peers and mentors I had reached out to review my resume. Everyone had incredibly helpful suggestions, and were encouraging and supportive. Similar to yesterday, I’m not going to record time associated with the application process, as it is not specifically learning-oriented.

My spouse and I had an appointment for a few hours in the evening that opened up to some really exciting and in-depth conversations about motivation, goals, fears, and growth. With how intrinsically these themes have interwoven themselves in many conversations lately, I’d love to do some more reading and see if there’s something of value that I could write on the topic.

I took some time implementing the feedback received this morning, adjusting the tone, rearranging the layout, and adding key details. Yesterday night, in my battle with Microsoft Word’s ‘automation,’ I took a few steps to make my tables and grid structure a bit easier to work with, and it absolutely paid off tonight!

There were additional questions on the actual application, and some of them surprised me, like favorite book (I need to work on that book summary page!) and favorite conference. I had an opportunity to talk about Learning Log, too (which I know I do a lot already, but it’s been a life-changer, can you blame me??).

“Tell us why we should hire you” is a question that I answered a bit differently than I have in the past. Normally, I point to specific languages or applications and a few metrics. Maybe it’s a gamble I shouldn’t have taken, and whether or not a response shows up in my inbox may be an indicator of that, but if I am going to make a change in my career then I want to make the most genuine change that I can.

The final response boiled down to 3 key points:

  • I can deliver strong value to the business with my unique background
  • I am enthusiastic and self-motivated to learn, and not afraid to admit and acknowledge when I’m wrong or too proud to ask for help
  • My values are in accessibility, inclusivity, and helping others.

“Thank you! You are all set!”

The culture and values is a huge, huge component for me. It is an area where I’ve traditionally felt isolated within teams. While it doesn’t prevent me from working well with them or being empathetic, it does make it hard for me to be genuine.

I almost can’t believe I sent it out into the wild, to be honest. At the same time, I don’t want to wait any longer, knowing that the application has been out for a little over a week already. This process has been a big push outside of my comfort zone to not just find my voice, but to find a my voice about me. Stepping off from my industrial background feels vulnerable, but it is also exciting, and a challenge. There’s a lot to learn and see out there.

Also, my pull request was accepted for create-react-component-folder!!


  • Use active wording for Learning Log project description, first sentence is too passive
  • Swap projects category down and embellish on roles (we meet again, formatting)
  • Remove Hook Clock from projects, as it comes across as tutorial-y (bummer, it was my own idea)
    • Possibly replace with AGWSU? I didn’t do much development, but I was involved in planning, process, testing PRs, documentation…
  • Add more finite details to cover and profile, 20+ hrs/wk on development, 2 sample posts in blog
  • APPLY!
  • Post at least a draft blog