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When adding notes for Learning Log, sometimes Prettier changes things that I don’t expect. I typically do want format on save to work, but it’d be nice to selectively pause it on certain documents. Thankfully, I found a formatting toggle extension, which works perfectly!

There was an opportunity to watch some of the design videos from yesterday early this evening, so I’ve added links and notes to the Design skill progression page. It was helpful to see how concepts were expressed in contrast with my internalized understanding.

To be completely honest, I have been really struggling tonight. Struggling for nearly two hours now (not clocked, of course! The data out is only as good as the data in). I’ve wanted to work, but it’s like my brain and body are rejecting me actually getting started. I’m here and working my way through outstanding drafts and I have everything open, trying to poke at it here and there to see if I can finally get the ball rolling. Semiconscious-me is actively fighting back, for whatever reason.

Taking a step back, why am I hesitating? I have resources and a plan and some experience, and I know that it will be fun and satisfying to build. The hesitation could be that I’ve identified design and proper state management as area where my skills are lacking. It could also be that I have a clean slate to work from, becoming a double-edge sword. Separately, this week in the office has been particularly stressful and demoralizing, and I was dealt with yet another blow as I experienced another corrupted VM towards the end of the workday.

Talking through things, the last part seems to be the most likely - it was just a rough week! I’ve been fortunate that there haven’t been weeks like this over the past few months and I’ve been able to keep up a good tempo, for the most part. It’s already after midnight, so I may give myself permission to stop here for the night and just recover a bit. All my drafts are up-to-date, and I have my code and resources all open and ready to go, so it will be the first thing when I unlock my computer tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a new day! 😊


  • Watch a few videos in the homebrew design video series from yesterday’s entry
  • Using current draft as structural inspiration (tweaking as needed from design learning), begin to rebuild the portfolio