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Continuing along with the Framer tutorials, it seems like things get very deep! I suspect that I would be able to create a fully-functional prototype, with enough time. That being said, as I get into more of the coded components, it seems like more trouble than it’s worth for a 1-to-1 fidelity draft. That being said, I’m looking at things as the developer. It definitely makes a lot of sense from the perspective of a designer getting approval from a client and communicating expected functionality to the development team.

Playing around with things, I’m liking the look of Phosphor icons and may consider them as an alternative to Material UI icons. The thin and balanced look gives me the feel that I’m looking for with how I want to design the rest of the site (if able).

Next up was to start dividing up my canvas to figure out where my components will live, and at what levels. Different shades of blue boxes (the default colors Framer assigned to new frames) represent the structure of the site elements, and I have them named with things like “NavBar,” “Footer,” “ContentWrapper,” “CarouselWrapper,” and similar. Trying to figure out spacing and fonts…I have no idea what the heck I’m doing here!

Extremely rough pass at laying my elements out in Framer...yikes!

I feel embarrassed to post this, especially given the time investment to get to this point. I’m really not sure what info to include on the side panel, and generally feel on the fence about the whole layout. Is this a good idea? 😕


  • Finish Framer tutorials
  • Begin to create the layout in a design environment