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Tonight is supposed to be centrally focused on Social Media, but I’m going to extend that to Market Research as I have more of a “head start” on my social media targets. Part of my efforts on the Market Research front involve trying to build my LinkedIn network, so there is direct relation. My initial intention was specifically to isolate time on social media so that it would be a little more compartmentalized and help keep me from scrolling distractedly.

Here’s my current progress towards my goals:

  • New Employers: 12 / 14
  • Detailed Employers: 1 / 2
  • Job Postings: 6 / 14

The morning started out with Irregular Cafe, and we had an awesome conversation about employers, effective hiring, scaling, and position vacancies. Some local data was shared with me afterwards, which I need to review and feed into my table.

Something that I’ve been thinking about lately is delivering value with this blog, and how I can start trying to move towards the goal of sharing what I’ve learned and helping others. On Twitter, I’m constantly seeing tweets about “X site is a good resource for this” or “this X tool helps make Y,” but rarely do you see big comprehensive lists.

There’s a folder of bookmarks in my browser full of utilities and helpful sites that I’ve slowly compiled for myself, but it’s not helping anyone in this form, so I’ve created a new Resources page. It’s a little rough and fairly sparse at the moment, but I’d love to really build it up over time!

A growing issue for Learning Log is that I have too many non-blog pages now, and the navbar is quite cluttered. I have already excluded and tucked a few less important pages away deeper into the site, but I’d love to make navigation less cluttered somehow. I’ll pose it to you, reader, what kind of information would you be interested to see in my navigation bar the most? Any that you would get rid of, or combine? Please leave me a comment below with any ideas you may have!

Finally reaching the point of being just annoyed enough with my search bar not looking, I took a few minutes to look into it. The search script was complaining about an error with the JSON, but it was properly finding and accessing the file. I double-checked and didn’t see any glaring issues, but running the file through a JSON validator revealed the issue - a trailing comma after the last entry. When manually reviewing, I was too focused on the middle of the data and had missed this single-character fix. Immediately after rebuild, the search bar sprang to life again, like nothing had been wrong. What a relief!

Later in the evening, I started getting back into researching employers and working on social media. Not very long into the process, however, I had a distressing conversation, and I think the combination of poor sleep this past week, a very full personal workload outside of learning initiatives, and having wrestled with stressful issues all week at work finally got to me.

I was exhausted, and had to just sit and for a bit as my mind decided that it was time to not do anything. I was sad that there was so much work piled up again already, and disappointed that I was too worn down to brush myself off and push through it, and anxious from the distressing conversation itself. My spouse sat and chatted with me a bit, and then we played a puzzle game together for a few minutes.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to feel and acknowledge, and externalize the thoughts, and drink some water. It feels weird to be transparent about this process publicly, but life has taught me that feelings are important and need to be respected and acknowledged - it’s our subconscious selves trying to tell us something important, and that message to us will come out one way or another eventually if we try to neglect it. I would much rather allow myself to feel in the moment, acknowledge and understand (or “receive”) the message, let those feeling go, and move forward.

Unfortunately, by the time I could get myself ready to work again, it was already midnight. I still had to wrap up a few things and write this blog, so it’s nearly 3am now.

Here’s a task update for the evening:

  • New Employers: 14 / 14 (+2)
  • Detailed Employers: 1 / 2
  • Job Postings: 7 / 14 (+1)

Not much progress, but I did hit the “new employers” metric, completing issue #8. This weekend is shaping up to be very busy, but if I can find some time, I’ll continue to work towards the remaining items.


  • Complete Task ID 8
  • Complete Task ID 11
  • Complete Task ID 14