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Today is my first official “market research day,” meaning that I will intentionally be researching employers and roles to aggregate and organize data, with the aim of uncovering current trends, identifying networking opportunities, and highlighting potential employers that are both interesting and value-aligned with myself.

Yesterday, I built out a first pass of my Airtable fields for both Employers and Job Postings, so the template is ready for data. On my tasks table, I created my checkpoint tasks for today and the following two Thursday sessions. Here are today’s core tasks (with IDs, so fancy!):


Identify and perform basic research on 14 employers by EOD

  • Name, location, size
  • Business sector, client/product/consultancy
  • Website, social media


Perform in-depth research on 2 employers (~15%) by EOD

  • Key contacts
  • History
  • Culture
  • COVID-19 response (which will be a strong indicator of culture)
  • Dress code
  • Current challenges or needs (opportunities)
  • Internal growth potential
  • Do NOT fall into analysis paralysis, but collect as much detail as is accessible, and identify pathways to learn more. Perhaps reach out to an employee, or as my network for connections.


Identify 14 developer roles that I would be interested in by EOD

  • Role title
  • Desired skills, languages, frameworks
  • Desired years of experience, credentials, degrees
  • Location, remote-friendly, benefits
  • Work-life balance

I am not exactly sure how to initial approach my search. My thinking is that there are a few specific companies that I am already aware of and interested in, and a few companies that I have seen doing good work or promoting good causes and content socially, and then there are a few geographic regions to search within that are either in desired locations or near friends or family. I may also reach out to peers for suggestions of either specific firms or places to look.

With COVID-19, I discovered first-hand how much more productive I was across all areas while working remotely from home during the 4 weeks I was able to experience it. I did the math in another blog, but being remote restored at minimum 12.5 hours a week, or almost a 63% increase in personal time to live a life within! I slept better, was able to repurpose what once was my commutes into time for chores and consistent exercise, cooked every meal, was far less stressed, and yet still had time for learning, hobbies, and my social relationships. This massive increase in personal, mental, and emotional health outside of work, in turn, supercharged my focus, productivity, and creativity during my working hours.

With that in mind, I am curious how much and how many companies have expanded beyond their geographic reach. While I am sure this increases competition, I would imagine that it also increases opportunity for roles and teams that otherwise would have been inaccessible without picking up and flying across the planet.

When I settled in to get to work, some friends were online in chat, so I dropped in to stay hi while I started digging into a few resources I had open. We ended up having a very informative discussion about local employers, meanings behind titles, specialization, and machine learning!

My totals for the night came to the following:

  • New Employers: 12
  • Detailed Employers: 1
  • Job Postings: 6

Certainly under today’s goal, but still good progress forward! The conversation with friends was extremely informative, and I feel a little less anxious about this collection process overall. The data from my Trello board still needs to be migrated, so I may try to work towards that tomorrow.


  • Complete Task ID 8
  • Complete Task ID 11
  • Complete Task ID 14