I love the new blended approach to deploying blogs! It feels like it has made me more productive, although I cannot say why for certain. With this post, I’ll be actually properly caught back up to posting content same-day… just in time to take a few days for the holiday here in the US.

I may pop in and work on things, but I really do need to take some time to physically and mentally rest, and to spend time with my spouse. They have been super patient with me through this learning process, and I am very fortunate!

Catching up on emails and reading, I saw that Dave mentioned Learning Log in his blog! I’ve been so encouraged and surprised at the reception of this site. It definitely is good encouragement to keep going! This extra boost comes at a good time, as well, as I am trying to recalibrate and figure out how to better structure my path moving forward.

I have gotten away from focused study for a bit, and I’d like to circle back around to focus on JavaScript fundamentals and Redux. I’ve had success being exposed to an assortment of concepts through FreeCodeCamp before, and I might use that approach to round out my JavaScript foundation. It’s obviously a very deep subject, but I will compile my notes in the JavaScript Progression page along the way.

Separately from Learning Log, I spoke about motivation again with my friend, and it turned into a 2-hour deep dive into motivations and goals and human drive and needs. I won’t get into the details here, but the following were some topics referenced throughout the conversation:

How to identify, with certainty, a truly motivating goal is still the unobtainable answer. Motivation, through the course of discussion, we think of as not a capacity integral to an individual, but a calibration issue towards a defined goal. If not motivated by positive and/or negative external factors which carry enough weight, then the goal needs to have alignment with the individual on a deeply personal level. But perhaps “motivation” can be coerced with a little direction?

Consider these three questions:

  1. What topics/activities/hobbies get you excited?
  2. What problems are you experiencing, or that you see others experiencing in the world?
  3. What values do you prioritize most, or feel strongly about in relation to the problem?

For example, I would love to start working on my bar management app, and it’s taking some self-control to not dive into it prematurely. To answer the above questions:

  1. Bartending is a hobby of mine, and I get personal satisfaction from crafting aesthetic beverages that other people enjoy, and expressing myself artistically with the presentation.
  2. I currently do not have a good system for quickly finding drinks that use a particular combination of ingredients, and I do not have much visibility on exactly how much my hobby costs but would like to more carefully manage expenses.
  3. In addressing my problem, I desire order, saving, curiosity, and to a lesser extent independence (being self-sufficient and able to tailor the solution to my own needs)

The goal of creating the app would enable me to resolve a pain point to partake in a fulfilling activity while reducing frustrations associated with less robust organization (“order” and “saving”), while allowing me to both explore cross-sections of the data (“curiosity”) and details on the expense (“independence”). Furthermore, it would have great synergy with my development learning objective, as I would be putting new skills to work creating it (“independence”) and able to be creative with my approach (“curiosity”).

I know that this is a very…superficial goal, and I don’t exactly intend it to be representative of something that would be deeply motivating - it’s just an example from off the top of my mind that I’m currently very excited for and motivated towards. And, maybe this is all a bit of a stretch, but the discussions tonight were an interesting mental exploration, and I certainly have a lot of topics to look into further!


  • Build a “Quotes” element to replace existing quotes
  • Add a “Books” page that scoops up all book progression items and outputs them to a table (can be hidden for now!)
  • Revisit the priority list from 11/22 and develop a schedule
  • Look into duplicated “Firebase” entries in Skills page on Learning Log
  • Change the create-react-component-folder template for Storybook stories in my Portfolio