I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed while trying to get into social media and build up networking opportunities - the ceaseless bombardment of high-quality or interesting data has blown up my phone, desktop, todo list, and even the drafts of these blogs with assorted links and notes and memos, such that I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up. I thought I was fairly insulated from FOMO, but maybe that’s what I’m experiencing now.

Trying to get more involved on Twitter is a new priority for me. I’m somehow still getting engagement from my #100DaysOfCode post, which is a nice boost of dopamine to see pop up in my notification tray! I’ve been trying to follow many people and engage with their content, and have stumbled across lots of really amazing and inspiring people.

Not gonna’ lie, but being on social media makes me feel old. I know that it’s not a big deal, and I don’t think I’m engaging like I’m old… but please someone let me know if that’s not an accurate perception 😬💦. I do feel like I’m worrying a bit less about it the more I try to post - no different than getting reaccustomed to talking with people (virtually) face-to-face with Irregular Cafe. It really helps that everyone I have engaged with so far has been so supportive, friendly, and uplifting!

I have a Feedly account that I admittedly don’t use super frequently, but I noticed that they have a “read later” feature, so I went through the process finally of scrounging up all of the links and notes and shoving them into the read later, extracting a few specific articles to read AFTER reviewing everything that I already had pulled up. Somewhere in the back of my brain is a voice yelling that there is a non-zero chance that I’ll never actually go back and read this content, as I’m constantly being exposed to new information, but I needed to do something with it.

Moving forward, I need a better way to organize and process incoming information if I’m unable to digest it immediately. Supposedly, the more you become familiar with a concept, the faster you can read the material while maintaining or improving comprehension, so perhaps this will get better with time and practice. Additionally, there appear to be exercises to help improve reading speed, and I learned about subvocalization and that not subvocalizing is one of the key ways to increase reading speed…which is fascinating and I didn’t realize was an option to turn off!

I currently have some badges in repositories that detail project status, but this isn’t very visible and is cumbersome to update. I would like to have a project status overview and project idea pipeline in place (there I go with a process again). Then, projects could be easily exposed here on Learning Log with an embed link, so that the latest status of my projects is always visible from a special view. Furthermore, I could take advantage of linked lists and rank-order prioritization to create a more robust status/priority list with the right metrics…eventually. It may not need that kind of over-engineering, honestly.

I’m currently using Trello for my project backlog, and it has served me well so far, but it is difficult to natively get items interacting in more meaningful ways (new Trello views could help with this, but they still have a way to go). With that, I started to move everything towards Airtable. On Learning Log, I added the Projects page officially and worked to start filling in all of my active / professional project data. There were a few project ideas that I had forgotten about but think I’m closer to being able to tackle! I also have an old Discord bot (offline) and an Alexa app (online but only for development) that I might want to revisit and push live sometime. Both of these are on my developer bucket list!

I ended up staying up really late, but was able to input all my existing projects, close out all table tabs, and clean up stray notes from blog drafts. I really need to get back to shipping daily and selling on that consistency. The crux of the issue is that I am probably not letting myself recover and drawing out the burnout, and will most likely need to take a slight break over the holidays.