We had a great discussion about motivation in Irregular cafe, which was interestingly enough the topic of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday evening. Similarly, we did not have any concrete answers, but I did mention my newfound realization of my passion for process, and crafting process around the trajectory of an end target, and being willing to tear down and redesign the process if it is not properly getting me closer to the target over time. It’s one of those things that seems so obvious in retrospect, as it has shown up in my life time and time again, but I had never identified specifically process building as as this whole self-contained thing.

Speaking of processes, I am utilizing Airtable for a professional contact relationship manager (kind of a CRM system). I am manually marking days and when I have conversations, while adding in notes from the most recent conversation, but this doesn’t give me much visibility on history. I had the idea a few days ago to add a conversation log, where any major or time-boxed conversations or experiences would be good to capture. This allows me to both keep a running history of conversations and also extract and refine any action items that may surface from my discussions. Additionally, Airtable makes it easy to roll up my data to help automate identifying who I haven’t spoken with in a while. I feel that the board as a whole is due for a small redesign / simplification, as it’s a bit cumbersome and easy to get out of date right now.

Separately (and I’m not sponsored by anyone), I have been migrating a LOT of data that I had traditionally kept in Trello to Airtable. Being able to create slices of data and use formulas is so nice and works great for certain applications. I will say that Trello is still great for organizing and tracking dissimilar pieces of information or tasks, but for items of the same general type or form, Airtable is my new go-to.

EDIT: If you’d like to see an example of it in action, my Projects table is embedded into Learning Log now!