Tonight is our demo for Product Lab! Everyone met up on Zoom and took turns discussing our projects. We discussed things like design improvements, discussions about target markets and users, and next steps and scope. 4 teams presented their projects, including Dave’s Product Lab itself, and it was very informative to see how drastically we all approached similar prompts.

I had a follow-up chat with Neal afterwards to discuss our impressions. I had made the error of presenting the project as though people had been engaging with our posts and contents in the lab, which was a bad assumption on my part. It would have been better to start from a brief overview of the whole market, competitors, and how we differentiate in that market, and THEN get into the site itself.

As for next steps, Neal mentioned that he was interested in continuing and still trying to get filtering done by the end of November. To contribute towards that goal, I will need to revisit Redux and Firebase to build up my understanding, as a lot of it is fairly nebulous right now. I’ll think on this while I’m wrapped up in other business over the next few days and try to figure out where to go next.


  • Attend Product Lab demo