I’m back in town from a short and nicely socially-distanced trip to the Smoky Mountains! Neal is still sick with the flu, and our Product Lab demo is scheduled for tomorrow evening. I don’t want to do too much work on TD Collection until we can all sync up and discuss how to proceed, so I’m thinking about revisiting my portfolio a little to see where I left off, and to lay groundwork for moving forward.

One thing that I’ve been aware of and that Uriah has suggested was Storybook, which is an isolated component UI development tool. It may turn out to be too much overhead for a portfolio, but may also be a good foundation to try and focus on building better individual components. I’d like to take a bit more time and try to structure things cleaner than before, with an emphasis on keeping things reusable and flexible.

Using the guide for create-react-app, I set out to get Storybook up and running. On a brand-new create-react-app right now, there’s an issue with CRA being updated to version 17.0 but Storybook is still looking for version 16.X, and it doesn’t compile correctly. For simplicity, I cloned my Portfolio and followed the setup instructions on my existing code, as it was built before the updates. Thankfully, there were no issues, and everything up and running quickly!

A few months ago, I originally put my Portfolio together in under 24 hours, before I had a better grip on what exactly I was doing. It’s a bit of a mess, to be honest, but it was a great way to really dig in and help better identify what I didn’t know at the time. For starters, I didn’t really know how to approach components. TD Collection was great practice for this, so I wanted to start blocking out some components to break up what I already had into more manageable chunks.

After making one component, this seems like a lot of boilerplate, and I’d love to automate things a bit more. A quick search lead me to create-react-component-folder, which looks like a highly-configurable way to approach this issue! The configuration files were created and I started putting in some options. I see CSS and SCSS (which I need to get more familiar with), but no JSS, which I had seen used in AGWSU. From what I learned during TD Collection, I recognized JSS as how I was styling Material UI components and, sure enough, it looks like Material UI uses JSS with styles! The styling in my components over on TDC definitely added some clutter to components, so this would be a good chance to revisit the AGWSU code to learn exactly what’s going on there and how to break out styling from the component logic.

Before running further with that tangent, I recreated a simple button component using my newly-configured create-react-component-folder. I got distracted reading a few different posts for a little bit, but when I came back, I noticed that I was having issues getting Storybook to work again. It didn’t like the stories that were generated from create-react-component-folder. I spent some time looking at the existing stories and the story that was generated and trying to get them to play nicely together.

Eventually, I learned that create-react-component-folder is using the storiesOf legacy format, and my code was throwing errors. From the documentation:

storiesOf is Storybook’s Legacy API for adding stories. Up until Storybook 5.2, it has been the primary way to create stories in Storybook.

In Storybook 5.2 we introduced a simpler and more portable Component Story Format, and all future tools and infrastructure will be oriented towards CSF. Therefore, we recommend migrating your stories out of storiesOf API, and even provide automated tools to do this.

That said, the storiesOf API is not officially deprecated. For the time being we plan to support it for the foreseeable future.

In spite of this, after reviewing the Storybook Component Story Format (CSF), converting the create-react-component-folder story to CSF resolved the issue immediately. Very curious! It looks like I should be able to change the create-react-component-folder template for Storybook stories to be the CSR format instead of storiesOf. It mentioned that storiesOf needs to be used for React Native currently, but I wonder if that will change in the future.

After chasing all that down, I needed to change focus for a bit. Awwwards is a great place to look for inspiration, so I looked through about 40 sites to draw some redesign inspiration. I’ve listed my favorites below along with notes:

  • Project detail breakdown, beautiful!
  • Project preview images are great
  • Great on mobile
  • Animations don’t get in the way, polished

  • Visually interesting
  • Controls are absolutely designed with touch in mind, not scrollwheel-friendly and does not perform as expected with a mouse
    • I need to establish a good device testing pipeline!

  • Layout, persistent and minimal navbar and footer
  • I like how the intro section has changed since Awwwards snapshot and live site, now shows current employer
  • Beautiful layouts with great images and videos, presented in a visually stimulating way
  • The participant breakdowns are nicely done and give good credit to the whole team
  • Social media links disappear on mobile, doesn’t seem like anticipated behavior
  • Loader on page change probably due to videos, but a little obnoxious seeing on every page

  • Projects front-and-center
  • Simple sections
  • Most animations are gentle and polished without being intrusive to the actual content, absolutely fantastic on project detail pages
  • Beautiful on mobile, little bit of text overlap but different colors helps a lot
  • I feel like being able to horizontally scroll between projects one-at-a-time (similar to would be nice, but may need to see what other people thing from a UX perspective

  • I really like how the asymmetric scrolling was done here
    • Feels like there’s maybe a little too much movement for me
  • Clean and tidy, especially for just how much information is packed into these pages
  • Looks like it might be breaking on resize? Project headers stack on each other
    • Possibly due to asymmetric scroll? Seems like a JavaScript thing is happening
  • Lots of very large font, a little overwhelming at times

  • Very simple site, tons of great stuff on codepen!
  • Developer for Thierry Chopain’s site

I think out of the initial forty, the following four best capture and express what I would currently like to go towards, ranked by an arbitrary internal feeling of design impact:


With these in mind, I’ll try to revisit them a few times over the next few days to see if I still like the same things, and we’ll go from there!