Things went well on my trip, so I headed back into town a little ahead of schedule! I reached out to schedule a demo with Neal, but unfortunately, he reported that he has been sick and out of it all week, potentially with either pneumonia or COVID, and he’s expecting the test results soon. As such, we’ll only be able to demo the UI for the end of Product Lab. These kinds of things happen, and I’d certainly rather that Neal prioritize his health. I made a quick update post on Product Lab to wrap up our logs.

From this, the next steps to take my learning further would be to revisit learning Redux, and to also take some time to better learn the core functionality of Firebase. Neal suggested that I check out the official Firebase docs and tutorials, as well as what we have for AGWSU. His past Twitch streams showing the build progress may also be helpful, but I was warned that he went back and made multiple changes over time, so the current version of the site is it’s best state.


  • Sync up with Neal on project status, demo, anything we can knock out before demo
  • Catch up on Product Lab posts