Hey everyone!

If you’ve been reading these as they come out or subscribed to my RSS feed, you may have wondered where my posts have been the past few days. Don’t worry, I’m still here and not planning on giving up!! 💪

My Learning Log post stats as of writing this entry

I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but as part of Product Lab, I have been working on TD Collection, and the past few days have been a flurry of building on my end. Along the way, I’ve been writing little snippets about what I’ve been doing and dumping helpful resources I’ve encountered along the way.

To give you a sneak-peek, the site has gone from this…

Early Landing page attempt

to this…

The fresh and responsive new Landing page

The main app page has gone from a class-based component structure…

My quick-and-dirty first pass at the Main App

…to a complete restructuring using functional components, hooks, better component breakdowns, documentation, testing, data, and something that we can actually use:

The Main App as of today!

I’ve written a log for each day for the past few days, and over the next week if time and energy permits, I’ll be working to craft these into proper human-readable piles of words. I’ll be in the field and working late into the evenings for work, so there will probably be a legitimate gap of new content next week.

There is still a ton more work to do before we can have a functioning app at the end of the week. My hope is that I’ve laid enough helpful groundwork that functionality can be the focus until refactoring in the future. Neal and I will ideally be syncing up later today so I can hand the baton over to him and Uriah to finish things out for our team.