Leaving for my work trip tomorrow, and with Neal being back from his own trip, I asked if we could sync up on the current state of TD Collection. I’ve been posting daily updates in our Discord server and in the Product Lab Discourse forums, but being able to get more technically in-depth and get Neal’s feedback would be extremely helpful both to evaluate how I’ve done and to get a better sense of where we’re going next.

Overall, Neal seemed to respond very positively, and commented on how I had tried to add documentation and mindfully name my variables for clarity. I was very happy that it seemed like many of the decisions I had made along the way resonated well, and that the code I was handing off would be fairly easy to work with.

After running through a demo and discussing things a bit, we both agreed that working filtering on our pool of sample tokens would be the best functional demo that we could deliver in a week. Neal mentioned that this would require building out most of the Redux, but seemed to suggest that it seemed like a reasonable and achievable goal. He’s also going to keep up with Product Lab prompts and updates.

We discussed the state of our GitLab issues and Neal reassured me that, for a quick iteration like Product Lab, full-blown issue management isn’t a super big deal until we have something more realistic out there. Depending on how the lab goes and if this is something that the team wants to continue moving forward with, it would be good to do a proper planning meeting and reset with a fresh-ish slate.


  • Post my daily updates on Product Lab
  • Post my daily updates on the TD Collection discord
  • Sync up with Neal for TDC