Recovering from yesterday, I just couldn’t find much energy or mental bandwidth to properly focus on much tonight. I did, however, finally managed to complete the prompt for Oblique Strategies! Here were my prompts and related responses:

Find a safe part and use it as an anchor.

This has been my personal approach the past few days. With where things are right now, I know that I can personally assist with the landing page, so that has been my anchor. We can build on it and expand but at the end of the day, there’s something out there that’s public-facing and looks okay, and that feels good.

State the problem in words as simply as possible.

On the task management side, this prompt makes me think that I may be too focused on the technical approach to our build. I could create issues for smaller components with very minimal framework, and then details could be added by whoever works on the respective issue. I’m going to work on this next.

Emphasize repetitions.

With AGWSU, we had a routine set up with regular check-ins and sync meetings. While I had intended to be more diligent with this project, I have not coordinated as well as I would have liked. When Neal returns from his trip, I’d like to sync up and make a game plan for the next 9 days, and ideally schedule a peer programming session to review and refactor what I’ve done so far. I will be out of town myself for part of next week, so we only have a tiny window to try and bring things home.

Over on TD Collection, and following up from my second prompt today, I created multiple smaller issues for individual main app components. I also reached out to Neal and asked if we could schedule a sync / peer programming / code review session this weekend, after he gets back from his trip and before I leave on mine.

At some point during the day, I stumbled across this blog post about blogging process. Right now, my process is very much ad hoc stream-of-consciousness reinterpretations of my experiences and reflections during and from the day, and high volume. There are very few posts that I consider to be expressly important to anyone but myself for the actual content, but I’m moreso trying to convey who I am as a person through this content over time, especially as I feel progressively more capable of expressing myself through this medium. I would like to level up my game and produce progressively more helpful content, so this is something to keep at the back of my mind.


  • Post my daily updates on Product Lab
  • Post my daily updates on the TD Collection discord
  • Create new and more self-contained issues for TDC components
  • Add a search bar component to the navigation element