We had a bit of an emergency around the house this weekend, so I’ve been reviewing my notes and re-reading some documentation to get my head back into thinking about React hooks. Some concepts seemed straight-forward enough while reading about them, so to test that I really was understanding how things worked, I started putting together a quick “Hook Clock” demo.

For the demo, I wanted to have the top-level App wrap the components, and then use form controls to capture an optional name and hour offset value with a submit button. The clock component(s) would be added to a list or grid below the controls and a default “local” clock.

I started by blocking out the app structure as classes, since that’s what I’m more familiar with. The functionality was roughly blocked out with sample text and basic HTML elements, and simple Date objects to get the local time but without active updating.

Since class components and functional components can both be used, I went ahead converting my two main components, App and Clock, to functions one at a time. Next up was to get the clocks actually updating on each tick.

There are two issues with how I implemented this, and I’m not currently sure how to resolve them. To get the offset, I’m getting the current Date as milliseconds and adding the number of offset hours as milliseconds, and then feeding that value into a second Date object, which seems like maybe not the most efficient way to go about this. The second issue is that the tick interval across multiple clocks are not synced up, and it’s pretty noticeable if you add a bunch of clocks in rapid succession. These are minor issues, however, and don’t impact using the app for the time being.

Next up, I’d like to clean up the logic a bit, work on the layout, make things reactive, and add some documentation.


  • Post my daily updates on Product Lab
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  • Look into React Hooks
    • Complete React Progression item #8
  • Work on TDC Landing Page layout
  • Push commit of updated layout and routing with main app scaffolding, short-circuit “GET STARTED” link to Landing, for now