Tonight, my only objectives are building on the TD Collection landing page and posting to my Product Lab items. Since AGWSU has a very complete structure in place, I think that I’d like to use it as a reference and try to reverse-engineer, or at least try to understand, what Neal has created and why.

I know that I really need to learn about Material-UI themes, and right off the bat, that was one of the biggest elements present. Another was that I was unsure what cssbaseline was, but found both a well-worded Stack Overflow post and a blog post with more detail. The purpose of this surprised me and I’ll need to re-read through this again, because I think I’m missing some foundational information / history for the “why”.

Next up, I encountered a clsx plugin in AGWSU, which claims to dynamically create classes. I might need to ask Neal about a crash course on some of these topics, just to better prioritize digging into them…

One thing I wanted to knock out was officially selecting icons from Material-UI icons for our feature badges. With a little debate and voting, here are the final selections:


  • assignment


  • compare_arrows


  • share

In our shared assets was a favicon package, but it didn’t have the full icon set for PWA, which I imagine we may eventually want for convention-goers with poor cell service. I generated a new favicon package from RealFaviconGenerator and added it to the site assets.

After lots of hacking and breaking and fixing and learning and research, I was able to get my hobgoblin code to compile…into a useless mess. In retrospect, I feel like I learned a lot, yet ultimately made a crucial mistake with my efforts.

Rather than trying to grab bits and pieces to remold and try to replicate, I really should have started from simple, rough, hard-coded bare bones. Make it work, then refactor. I found myself at the end of the night with code that both didn’t make much of a webpage and also wasn’t in any state to commit to our repository. Not wanting to end the night empty-handed, I’ve stripped out my code but left the structure intact so that I can dive in tomorrow with a fresh(-ish) slate. Especially since we have a limited time window to complete this project, I will endeavor to be more mindful of this in the future.


  • Post my daily updates on Product Lab
  • Respond to prompt #4 on Product Lab
  • Work on TDC landing page