It sounds like Irregular Café will be put on hold for a few weeks after this Friday, unfortunately. I understand that it didn’t attract as much of a diverse crowd as intended, and participation has definitely dropped off in the past two weeks. With me going into the office, I didn’t have anything particularly productive that I could work on in the morning besides reading, and I’m already reading until the words turn to mush each day, so it was a a chaotic force that got me excited and curious to get to work early to see who would show up and what we would talk about. I do worry about wearing out my welcome, showing up nearly every day, but I’m genuinely having a great time making the new connections and it’s hard to resist.

Over on Scrimmage Product Lab, posting activity has picked up! I posted our daily updates to a new thread and read through everyone’s content.

Neal and I had a chance to chat and are planning a design co-working session on TDC for tomorrow evening and some immediate action items. We also discussed content for our Product Lab post tomorrow. Apart from that, I’ve picked up Your First Year In Code again to continue where I left off.


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