Last night, I finished JFS, and have subsequently recommended it to four other people. I forgot until about halfway through that I could bookmark and highlight snippets with my Kindle, so I’ve looped back around and marked up all my notes for future reference. The terminology used to succinctly refer to some concepts is really great, and something that I will at least internally use moving forward.

Scrimmage Product Lab officially started today! I got in touch with the team and we’ll be having a proper sync meeting tomorrow night. In the Discourse server, the teams are breaking down their project and objective for the workshop. We have a TDC discord server already, so I’ve been coordinating getting set up with resources and a repository tonight.

I spent a little time getting my burndown document prepared for TDC and loading existing issues into the backlog. With this project, I would really like to approach it differently from AGWSU and have a nice crispy definition of our goal for the month, work backwards in chunks, break everything down to bite-sized pieces, and cut without remorse. We can always roll out more features after launching, we just need to make sure that the core application is solid and competitive from the start!

Speaking of tonight, today is the first day for Hacktoberfest, as well! I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but this event will be on the backburner for the most part, however I may try to do some of the smaller open-source PRs (non-qualifying ones) to get in the habit of looking for contribution guidelines and such.

Irregular Café this morning was awesome! We spent some time discussing how we each go about recording information and tracking tasks. The other participants in chat both preferred intentional writing in journals, which is my wife’s preferred process as well. I use a digital distillation process to progressively filter tasks and data through finer and more specialized tools, while trying to eliminate tasks and data along the way via Rory Vaden’s Focus Funnel and personal evaluation of quality.

Writing a blog post about my data/task process has been on my mind…but I don’t know how interesting it would be to other people? Task management is something that I am constantly reading about, refining, breaking apart and rebuilding, all in an effort to more accurately capture and interpret everything that I can while reducing resting mental load. Being more present and intentional in conversations and in my work is a goal, and knowing that I have a reliable and successful system to keep everything moving forward is a comfort.

That being said, finding success with reliable task capturing can sometimes be a stressor. Especially when it comes to unpleasant and time-intensive activities, such as arguing with insurance to cover the things I’m paying them to cover, or finding a good shop to take my car for maintenance. These are important, for sure, but when I log in and see that there are 40+ items in my list for the day instead of my typical 20-30, it does make me wonder sometimes if I would be a little less stressed if a few things fell through the cracks! I know better though, as those things would absolutely come back to bite me later in terms of increased pain / time / expense. Properly deferring and then actually executing on unpleasant life-imposed tasks task when it returns is where I struggle, but also where I find the most reward when it is eventually conquered from the list.

Do you have any task workflows that you use? If so, I’d be super interested to hear about them! Please leave a comment below, and similarly please let me know if you would be interested in a detailed blog post on my task workflow.


  • Create and share the burndown document for TDC
  • Check and post in the Product Lab Discourse