A topic that came up this morning during Irregular Café was mentorship. This is something that I’ve absolutely been interested in, but have been unsure how to tactfully approach. Should I be at a certain skill level first? What is okay to ask? I have this internal sense of needing to somehow prove myself first before it is acceptable to seek out more direct guidance, but right now I can’t gauge how much of that is realistic versus perception. I need to read up and understand better if there is any established etiquette. Exhausting or over-tapping good connections is also a concern, which is part of the motivation for building up a professional CRM.

Later tonight, I should be meeting with Neal about Scrimmage Product Lab. Our registration emails have been delivered, and we start Thursday. My goal is to finish reading JFS, and I’m slowly getting there whenever I find a few minutes to read.

On the blog, I finally expanded min-to-time to cover years. Without getting even more overly precise, months and years are calculated assuming 365-day years and 30.417 day months, and a tilde is added to indicate the approximation. Right now, it’s mostly just courses that will have numbers that large.


  • Read more of Just F—ing Ship
  • =X May need to add a months value to min-to-time? Years??