It has been a few days since my last post. I was noticing that I was pretty worn out and having trouble focusing and was feeling a little ill, and with Hacktoberfest / Product Lab approaching fast, being bright-eyed and ready to dive in is a high priority. I’ve been reading JFS and trying to find a good system to deal with the influx of new reading content from social media, and preferably one that doesn’t involve throwing it into the “to-sort” progression item!

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to take time to rest, take care of my health, and give my brain a chance to grind over everything I’ve been reading and process it more. Continuing to read lots of different content feels like it may have impeded properly resting, so I may try to ONLY read JFS tomorrow. I’m a little over halfway through, and I have until Thursday to get it knocked out. Honestly, though, there are so many good general tips that I will most likely refer back to it often.

There will be a small AGWSU / TDC project brainstorming session tomorrow ahead of Product Lab, so I’m excited for that! I also spent some time this evening working at HackerRank challenges towards their 10 Days of Javascript challenge.


  • Read more of Just F—ing Ship
  • => May need to add a months value to min-to-time? Years??
  • => Set up and test Resorter