Registrations for Hacktoberfest officially went live today, so I’m all signed up! With the Scrimmage Product Lab running concurrently, I do not know if there will be enough bandwidth to participate in both, but I’d like to at least try and do some of the beginner PRs to get more comfortable with things, even if they don’t all count towards the event.

CircleCI seems to also be contributing their own swag incentives. I did some reading about the company and learned about what they refer to as “orbs,” or reusable and configurable snippets of YAML for CI, which sounds pretty neat!

Reading Your First Year in Code, I saw The Odin Project listed as a reference and was curious about the non-descriptive name. I know that I am quickly accruing courses…but the curriculum looks nice and I enjoyed the way it was written, so now I’m signed up for the full-stack Javascript course. I will most likely pick up the Ruby segments later on.

To get more data on where exactly I could reasonably expect the goalpost to be for a Junior Developer position, I took some time to develop a survey. Since what I’m reading across the web is all over the board until you get that first job, my hope is that a diverse selection of responses will reveal some trends. Trying to attack both ends of the issue with how the questions are structured should also allow me to narrow my focus and feel like my charted path is more accurate. The issue is now…where to post it? I’m just starting to rebuild a network outside of my social group, and engagement within my social group was extremely low - only one response (albeit a very helpful one).

I went with the Hacktoberfest Discord server. Managing a few communities myself, I framed what my objective was and what I was doing, who the survey was for, and asked if it would be alright to use the general chat to deliver it. There are currently about 730 people “online” and chat also moves fairly briskly, so I feel like we could hypothetically assume that ~2% of the people online will actually see the message at all, and of that pool and based on information many people have volunteered into the chat, maybe only 50% of those people will have obtained a professional development job…so 7 people, tops?

I would be ecstatic with 7 legitimate responses! That would be enough data points to do some averaging and outlier removal to generate a coarse-but-still-visible picture of where the target might be found. Alas, chat rolled right along with zero engagement, so I may need to think of something else.

My wife surprised me and grabbed me a copy of Just F—ing Ship, which, spicy words aside, has been recommended as a great resource about getting projects to market faster, which will be the core focus for Product Lab. Diving into the content ahead of time will help me set my expectations a little better and recalibrate into that proper startup mindset.

My newfound social media pipeline, on the subject of reading, has introduced a torrential flood of new things to read. While this is great and I’ve been picking up neat ideas here and new terms there, it is no longer directly contributing to my most immediate goals. It has been a very busy past few days - I haven’t legitimately rested much at all and I am definitely paying for it right now, with the clock creeping towards midnight after going non-stop since I got home from work. I may try to take some time to rest and (separately) make some progress into reading my newest book in the next few days.


  • Read more of Your First Year in Code
  • Start reading Just F—ing Ship
  • =>May need to add a months value to min-to-time? Years??
  • => Set up and test Resorter
    • => Collect post importance metrics in Liquid for resorting