Yesterday, I had written about potentially going back to restructure the Front Matter for all my posts with new confidence and importance tag values. I took a little bit of time to write out how this should work and what all of the entries mean, as there’s a fair bit being captured with each post now. Additionally, some reorganization of the data layout in each post will aid the initial post setup.

I had not initially planned on doing all of the blogs, but my wife and I were relaxing and watching videos, so I went ahead and knocked them all out! Next step was to add them into the intro section of the post templates. This gave me a chance to adjust the appearance more and how the elements break across lines. I heavily took inspiration from, and will need to fully read through their approach to posting and documenting posts, as the structural quality of their site is far and away something that I would love to aspire to.

As a warning, this post is primarily a line-for-line explanation of some of the data values I embed into content for this site. Most of this data is utilized dynamically somewhere at build time, such as to generate all of my skill tables, my post streaks, and sleep quality tasks.

The “Data Key” section included below this section is tied to the living document in my reference folder, so this post should always reflect the latest version of my Front Matter.

Data Key

Front Matter

Values are presented in the following format:

<key>: <value>

All Posts

  • layout: journal
    • The template from _layouts that Jekyll will use to render this post
  • title: “Daily Log Title”
    • The title for the post
  • excerpt: This is an example excerpt for a daily log
    • A short overview or summary of the post contents
  • author: Max Lepper
    • The author’s name
  • categories: [journal]
    • An array of a single entry to categorize the post, typically but not exclusively the same as the layout type
  • tags: [html, css, javascript]
    • An array of tags to be associated with the post
  • date: 2020-09-06 23:52:46 -0400
    • Datetime stamp for the original posting
  • modified_date: 2020-09-07 16:19:21 -0400
    • Datetime stamp for any edits beyond the original posting
  • published: true
    • Boolean that specifies if the post will be included or excluded from the build
  • status: finished
    • A string value to indicate the status of the current post
      • notes (extremely rough, bullet points)
      • draft (rough or incomplete pass)
      • live (first live release)
      • finished (final edits)
  • confidence: likely
    • A string value to indicate the confidence in the accuracy of the beliefs expressed in the post < The following 3 values indicate that the post either makes little meaningful reflection, expresses a view from emotions, or is fictional. >

      • log (recording of events with little reflection)
      • emotional (expressing emotional impressions)
      • fiction (creative writing)

      < The following 8 values are a verbal measure of the confidence the author has that the claims originally made are accurate or true. This value will likely change with time. >

      • impossible (0%)
      • remote (1%-15%)
      • highly unlikely (16%-30%)
      • unlikely (31%-45%)
      • possible (46%-55%)
      • likely (56%-70%, most common)
      • highly likely (71%-85%)
      • certain (86+%)
  • context: false
    • Boolean that specifies if the current post requires some context outside of the post content (“true” means “needs context”)

Logs Only

  • skills: [html, css, javascript]
    • An array of skills developed in association with the log, which will accrue time
  • references: [“”,””]
    • An array of URLs as strings for supporting or notable external links that support the post content
  • timespent: 120
    • The time, in minutes, attributed to skill development being captured with this post

Learning Items


  • OK (Complete)
  • IP (In progress)
  • UN (Up next)
  • NS (Not started)


  • Course
  • Book
  • Project
  • Milestone
  • Official Docs
  • Blog
  • Conference


  • Update Front Matter in all Blogs
  • Update Front Matter in all Notes
  • Update Front matter in all Logs

(All existing tasks postponed, as I should be resting and not posting or thinking about the site. Not doing to great on that front so far!)

  • => Work on the FFC CSS Grid Challenges
  • => Modify CI/CD rules for Portfolio, AGWSU, and any other sites for new October 1st runner minute restrictions
    • => Build only on Master commits, Dev builds must be triggered manually
    • => Timeout on testing limited to 5 minutes tops and triggered manually
    • => Lighthouse testing on trigger only