As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I had lots of learning items cluttering up my Todoist page, so I started out today by pulling all of those links and resources to their respective skill pages. I took the time to fill out more basic details, links to docs, and attach existing projects. Thinking back to when I first started out, this would have been very helpful to have on hand - if not for the content specifically, then for the direction to incrementally build up basic information.

One of the first things I had to wrestle with when getting started learning web development was to better identify good sources of information. There are tons of blog posts out there that just straight-up don’t work, and quality and completeness is all over the place. Official docs are a solid starting point, and Stack Overflow has been an excellent source of information, as well. I really appreciate posters who take the time to identify the proper terminology, or link to official sources, or back up their answers with fundamentals instead of only a copy-and-paste code answer for the original poster with no explanation.

From poking around during my downtime, I noticed a few small tweaks I could make to Stats and Tasks to improve the information, and knocked those out quick. Finishing out the evening, I worked towards Git #1 some more. I’m trying to add in rich notes to the Git skill page reference section, complete with Mermaid charts. I’m really happy with how it’s coming along so far!


  • Migrate learning items from Todoist to the relevant skill progression pages, or the to-sort entry
  • Continue working towards Git #1