Mobile testing revealed that the Skills page was resolving to /skills.html instead of just /skills, which was breaking anchor tag linking to the appropriate entry in the table. This was easily fixed with a permalink, and I also replicated this to the other pages. With the changes to the Category and Tag badges, I went ahead and changed the skills for journals into badges, too.

Skill progression is something that I really want to capture next. The thought behind this is that I can pull in more structured learning material and track my progress as [ {current complete} / {total items} ] in the main table. A _skills collection was created with a few empty initial skills and added to _config.yml.

The Gitter chat for my 503 issue seems to be moving forward with more new issues and no responses to anyone’s inquiries. I did happen to find this issue in Gitlab Pages which appears to be active and flagged as a bug. While I don’t really understand what is going on, it looks possibly related, so I’m closing this task until it either resolves itself or I learn enough to troubleshoot better.

Today was a pretty busy day, so I didn’t get around to much else. My backlog in Todoist is getting pretty lengthy, however, so I am hoping to power through things tomorrow.


  • =X Look into GitLab Pages GET 503 error in console on each page load (
  • Add permalinks to main pages to resolve skill anchor linking
  • Change journal skills to badges
  • Initialize skills collection for detailed per-skill progression info