This weekend was particularly busy, and I have not made as much progress setting up this site as hoped. However, there is a site, and it is live with working CI, so it’s a great first few steps! The little bit of free time I had this evening was largely devoted to learning more about how Jekyll works.

My first concern is how to aggregate posts, as I feel like that will be essential for core functionality, and critical if I want to generate some kind of stats eventually (probably). To this end, I followed the information from this repo on how to implement instant search for the site, which will be a great help for now. Next, this blog was followed to create the Tag and Category pages and learn how these interactions work. Some adjustments and formatting changes were made, but largely this was reused.

From this example and practice, I started building my learning journal entries (this article you’re reading now!). Modifying templates, front matter, learning how to use liquid, and general familiarity with where Jekyll is looking to find things made this come together fairly quickly. It’s a bit rough at the moment, and style modifications are sparse, but it’s functional. Apparently I’m enjoying also blogging?? I am no longer active on any social media, so maybe this is me just enjoying having an outlet again.

I also added some fundamentals, like google analytics and links to my accounts on other sites.