My Bucket is a list of “Real Developer” activities, initially copied and inspired by this post from Ginny Fahs. The items are in no particular order, but they are all activities that I would one day like to complete!

Activity Bucket

  • Open the computer’s terminal
  • Use a text editor (bonus points if you have a specific reason for choosing it)
  • Use some keyboard shortcuts
  • Read a book about coding
  • Open your browser console
  • Get data from an API
  • Post a question on Stack Overflow
  • Push code to GitHub or GitLab or BitBucket
  • Write tests for your code (Kind of? I want to get better at this!)
  • Deploy a project
  • Ship your project to an app store
  • Make (another) Discord bot
  • Contribute to open source
  • Hide API keys from the public
  • Help another engineer with something they’re having trouble with
  • Make a process that routinely collects data from the internet
  • Make a machine learning image classification model
  • Participate in a hackathon
  • Complete a technical interview
  • Get paid to code (electronic controls development doesn’t count)
  • Attend a development conference
  • When people ask what you do, respond saying you’re a developer 😊

Project Bucket

  • Home bar management and drink queuing web platform with backend dashboard and frontend ‘customer’ interface, with inventory management, expense statistics, and forecasting! (I like to mix drinks for people when entertaining guests)
  • Incremental idle resource management game
  • Revenue-generating online shop
  • Machine learning image classification model to transcribe my own handwriting
  • Web animation using all 2D or 3D graphics generated in the browser