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    • Regex Review

      Improving my Regex understanding with a helpful resource.
    • Clean Code and Better Naming

      Learning to improve my approach to variable and function naming and keeping my code clean.
    • Intro to Angular

      Diving into learning Angular and building an MVP for a digital form, on a deadline.
    • Assessing Angular

      Encouraged to attempt a technical assessment for Angular, I plan out my approach to tackling the project requirements.
    • Next Steps For The New Year

      The client site continues to gain traction and attention, and the team takes a little break over the holidays.
    • Tasks and Time with Silver is Gold

      Continuing to refine my client site, building new interfaces in Airtable, and improving balance.
    • Firming Up Silver is Gold

      As more users join my client site and more talent joins the team, we work to add more structure to our workflow and more value to our customers.
    • Digging In With 30 Days of Machine Learning

      With some Python under my belt, we next start getting into the actual machine learning portion of Kaggle's 30 Days of ML course, and top it off with a final competition.
    • Getting Started With 30 Days of Machine Learning

      Mixing things up with a dip into the first few days of Kaggle's 30 Days of ML course.
    • Polish, CSS, SEO, and Production

      Wrapping up tasks and tackling site issues and design changes as we begin the soft launch of Silver is Gold!
    • Get a Job - Interactive Discussion

      My personal notes from attending the Get a Job webinar hosted in the "web dev and web design" Discord server.
    • Prepping For Launch

      Wrapping up tasks and tackling site issues as we count down to the private launch of Silver is Gold.
    • Shaping Up Into a Real Site

      Implementing a new job board plugin and populating page content to finally have the site looking and acting more like a real service.
    • Pipeline Refinement and Local WordPress

      The gears are slowly starting to click into place as I work out a production pipeline and experiment with running WordPress locally.
    • Delving into Docker and Local WordPress Development

      Looking to level-up my WordPress development lifecycle, I evaluate different options and workflows and start digging into Docker.
    • WordPress Progress for Silver is Gold

      Slowly getting the hang of navigating and using WordPress, and gaining experience developing a product with a great client!
    • Diving into WordPress

      Starting into learning WordPress for a new client project.
    • Refocusing and the Future of this Blog

      New study schedule, new goals, new expectations, and new projects - it's time to get things moving again!
    • Moving Forward

      A reflection on non-linear progress, new beginnings, and a general update of what I've been up to this past month.
    • API Evening

      Spending a little time learning how to utilize APIs and different ways to call them.
    • The Life Curve Ball

      Being grateful for the time I spent addressing my burnout head-on before life decided to come in and stir things up!
    • Growth in Burnout, and Uncertainty in the Future

      Where I'm headed next and immediate goals, with an unexpected twist at the end.
    • Change in Burnout

      How I need to change to stay healthy, productive, and happy.
    • Reflections in Burnout

      Reflecting on how I got here and what went wrong.
    • Burnt on Burning

      Failing to rest, hitting a wall, and scheduling to take more time to properly recover.
    • Gratitude and Rest

      Reviewing the events from the past week and allowing myself the space to rest.
    • Application Excitement

      Completing a second round of revisions on my resume, sending out my first application, and getting my PR accepted and pushed to main!
    • The Resume Rumble

      Finishing a book, and crafting what is seemingly the best resume I've ever made. We'll see if it holds up!
    • Testing Patches and Building Components

      Learning how to create package patches, changing my design, and blocking out components.
    • The Unexpected Pull Request

      Accidentally making a PR to the create-react-component-folder repository in the process of working on my portfolio.
    • A Week Short on Steam

      Acknowledging that my day job can take a lot out of me, and I can't always put in a full night's work after a rough week.
    • Building, Markdown, and Design

      Reviewing my experience laying out my design so far and making a decision that might work out or end up being a... learning opportunity, and compiling resources on learning design and rendering Markdown.
    • A Very Rough Draft

      Trying to create the portfolio design in my head in Framer but fumbling.
    • Framing Out a New Design

      Comparing design platform contenders, sketching out a new layout,and learning the new tools.
    • Rebuilding for the Future

      Starting to rebuild my portfolio with a plan for future growth and better structured development.
    • Network Building and Observing Results

      Trying to grow my network from mentor advice, and making plans to monitor things going forward.
    • Networking, Helping, and Emotions

      Continuing with my networking objectives from yesterday, deploying a new Resources page for helpful links, and working with emotions.
    • The Day for Market Research

      Road-testing my new market research process to aggregate data on employers and roles.
    • Market Goals and Soft Skills

      Setting defined goals and checkpoints through the rest of the month for my Thursday Market Research nights, and a discussion about soft skills.
    • The Tools of the Trade

      Kicking off the new schedule by picking a key theme of "tools" for the week, and learning more about VS Code.
    • The Results

      Output from my day-long refocusing and reprioritization exercise.
    • The Game Plan

      Planning and publicly committing to my objectives for tomorrow.
    • Motivation and Tinkering

      Encountering a treasure trove of motivation information and reflecting on startup culture.
    • It's the Great Motivation, Chuck Hazel!

      Catching up with posts before the holiday, and impressions from another deep dive into motivation.
    • Blog Improvements and Development Roadmap

      Adding a few minor features to Learning Log, and getting to bed at a decent time!
    • Quality and Quantity

      Or, what to do when you want consistent content, good content, AND sleep. Only I'm still figuring out where to fit in that last one.
    • The Spinning Plate Conundrum

      Sorting and compiling all of my current focus areas.
    • Social Media, Projects, and FOMO

      Trying to dig myself out from the firehose of high-quality information I've been exposed to since increasing engagement on Twitter, and creating a Projects workspace to add better visibility to what I'm working towards.
    • Not an Ad for Airtable

      Although it kind of reads like an ad for Airtable. I'm really enjoying using it, okay?
    • Mentoring and Motivation

      Two very different calls discussing next steps and finding motivation.
    • One Hundred Days of Code

      Posting about 100 days of Learning Log, and working to start developing my network.
    • Finally Automating Statistics (Mostly)

      Utilizing my new Node.js experience to update Learning Log statistics with a single console command!
    • Podcasts and Social Media

      Starting a new podcast, discussing why I track time on this site, and acknowledging that I need to get better at social media.
    • Automating New App Configuration

      Completing my little dip into Node.js with a fully functional and expandable React configuration script.
    • Hook Clock Code Review

      Reviewing and finalizing Hook Clock as the first fully "complete" project in my portfolio!
    • Aspiration for Automation

      Getting sidetracked with learning more about Node.js.
    • Adding Polish to Hook Clock

      Fixing up a few remaining issues, and adding documentation and finishing touches to Hook Clock.
    • Revisiting and Fixing Hook Clock

      Discussing burnout and deciding to charge forward polishing up Hook Clock for a quick win.
    • Reflecting and Next Steps

      Reviewing my next steps and determining a focus for the immediate future.
    • Product Lab Demo

      Presenting TD Collection to the Product Lab team.
    • Storybook and Design Research

      Implementing Storybook into my Portfolio, and reviewing portfolio sites on Awwwards for inspiration.
    • TD Collection Sync and Progression Priorities

      Determining what we can demo for the end of Product Lab.
    • Roadtrip Podcasting and Next Steps Brainstorming

      Getting better perspective on where my portfolio needs to be, and brainstorming how to get there.
    • TD Collection Sync and Handoff

      Syncing up with Neal for the final sprint on TD Collection before my work trip.
    • Where did I go?

      Unless you're here from the future, there haven't been any posts for the past few days. This is what I've been doing!
    • Drawer Accordion Component Construction

      Building out checkbox and slider accordion components for the TDC Main App drawer.
    • One Hundred Shiny New Tokens

      Building out components for TD Collection, getting token cards working with our sample data, and lots of new adjustments and features.
    • Oblique Strategies and Blog Posts

      TD Collection reflections with Oblique Strategies, and considerations for future blogging objectives.
    • On Projects and Hobbies

      A brief overview of the pipeline I use to filter and prioritize where I put my focus.
    • Routing, Themes, and Fonts

      Fixing up a handful of issues from the end of yesterday as more things start to make sense.
    • TD Collection Design Matching

      Implementing the TD Collection design on the actual site, and progress snapshots.
    • Shipping Hook Clock

      Wrapping up my Hook Clock app and pushing it live.
    • Making Hook Clock

      Creating a small demo app to get hands-on practice using hooks.
    • Hooked on React Hooks

      Continuing my dive into React Hooks.
    • Dueling it Out With React Hooks

      Working towards understanding React class-driven components versus functional components, and how React Hooks fit into the picture.
    • React Router and Making Components

      Spending some time to try building the TDC main app page, learning how to use React Router, and identifying that I really need to learn Hooks.
    • TDC App Layout and Streamlining

      Collaborating on the TD Collection main app page layout and wrestling with an an unwieldy number of checkboxes.
    • Stats and Whitespace Weirdness

      Weekend updates and correcting a bug in the references section of Stats.
    • Landing Page Taking Form

      Building out the TD Collection landing page, and the last day for Irregular Café.
    • The Rookie Mistake

      Stumbling by chasing curiosity instead of progressively iterating, but still managing to make some progress on the TDC landing page.
    • TD Collection Landing Page Drafts

      Working with Neal to craft drafts for the TD Collection landing pages, and a quote on curiosity.
    • Coordinating Schedules and Paused Cafe

      Irregular Café winding down for now, and coordinating TDC plans for tomorrow.
    • TDC Pipeline And Sync

      Having a sync meeting with the TDC team to lay out our plans for the month and future, and setting up our CI pipeline.
    • On Time, Productivity, and the Pursuit of a Better Future

      Exploring the adversarial nature of the perception of productivity against living life. Also some normal updates.
    • Product Lab Day One

      Diving into Product Lab and getting things started on the TDC project.
    • Mentorship and More Reading

      More reading and prepping for Product Lab.
    • Resting Up For Product Lab

      A little check-in between feeling under the weather and getting ready for Product Lab.
    • Shipping, Blog Data, and Bookmarklets

      Reading JFS, brainstorming solutions to my data file management issue, and creating a tool to solve a team problem at work.
    • Courses, Calibrating, and More Reading

      Registering for Hacktoberfest, making a survey, and getting a new book.
    • Product Lab, Next Projects, and Personal CRM

      Signing up for the Scrimmage Product Lab and coordinating our next big project, and creating a personal CRM to try and grow my network.
    • Reading Weekend and Building Progression Value

      Reading my way through a growing backlog of resources and articles, and developing a plan and metrics to increase value within the data on individual progression items.
    • Progression Items and Fixing Onload

      Fixing a broken onload event introduced with PWA updates, and adding more learning progression items to my backlog.
    • Git Mirroring and Hacktoberfest 2020

      Gearing up for Hacktoberfest 2020, and making my GitLab and GitHub repositories share data.
    • Communication, Visibility, and Problem Solving

      Working on my mentality in an effort to be a more mindful communicator, and highlights from other readings.
    • Finalizing Notifications and Mastering Markdown

      Putting finishing touches on notifications for now, submitting my finalized tribute project, and taking a quick Markdown course.
    • User Experience for Notifications and Comments

      Conducting a poll to improve the user experience for post notifications, and exploring selectively adding Disqus to posts.
    • Browser Notifications and the Update Event

      Setting up and serving update notifications after tying into the PWA plugin update event.
    • Better Practices with Favicons, Pipelines, and Recreation

      Already fixing my brand-new favicons to include a version identifier and better color contrast, updating CI/CD pipelines for AGWSU and my portfolio, and adding a new "recreation" metric.
    • Service Workers, Accessibility, and Favicons

      Finally adding a favicon to this site and learning about setting up a service worker to get things working as a progressive web app, plus focusing on accessibility.
    • CSS Grid and Responsive Web Projects

      Finishing the educational portion of FCC's Responsive Web Design Certification and starting the projects.
    • A Detailed Breakdown of my Front Matter Data

      Implementing and documenting additional Front Matter values for my blogs, logs, and notes.
    • Confidence and Importance Metrics, and CSS Games

      Blog feedback sparks an exciting idea for more actionable metrics to capture with each post, and a little CSS learning with some quick games.
    • Sprint Ceremonies and Finishing Features

      Neal and I meet to sync up on the AGWSU project, wrapping up sprint 6 and moving forward with projections for sprint 7, and the timeline beyond.
    • Irregular Coffee, CI/CD Limits, and Blogging Quality

      Planning for GitLab's new 400 minute limit on CI/CD, working on FreeCodeCamp, and debating if this blog is serving a productive purpose by being publicly accessible.
    • Networking, Prioritizing, and Accessibility

      Joining an irregular coffee club, organizing our issues for AGWSU, blog improvements and accessibility, and adding the equivalent second job time commitment being devoted to this learning journey.
    • Canonical URLs and CSS Consistency

      Looking into a malformed canonical URL and making CSS adjustments to the footer and interactive elements.
    • Accessibility Training and AGWSU Merge

      Starting on FCC's Applied Accessibility Challenges and completing the user registration feature merge request for AGWSU.
    • Applied Visual Design and New Stats

      Exploring a quote, some Stat page updates, and completing the next section on FreeCodeCamp.
    • FreeCodeCamp and Tracking My Progress

      Completing some FreeCodeCamp lessons and minor blog housekeeping instead of resting...
    • Intro to Task Runners and Bundlers

      Looking into task runners and bundlers, and learning about the history and application of Grunt, Gulp, Browserify, and Webpack.
    • Filling Out Skill Progression Tables

      Posting the new blog and adding many progression items to my skill pages.
    • Friday Night Blog Improvement Spree

      Cleaning up some more items around the site, and adding in features related to the upcoming large blog post.
    • Working on a New Blog Post

      Spending a few hours writing a new blog post and working on life tasks.
    • Risk Mitigation in Planning Learning

      A quote kicks off a mental exploration of risk management in the context of learning new material and limited time.
    • MacOS VirtualBox and Tabliss CSS

      Training my wife on VirtualBox, configuring a VM with macOS X, and customizing Tabliss.
    • Pair Programming and Portfolio Progress

      Pair programming with Neal on AGWSU and getting back into working on my portfolio.
    • More Git Learning and Skill Table Improvements

      Working on Git, making Skill table improvements, and some general housecleaning.
    • Building Out Progression Pages

      More progress on Git learning and migrating learning items into skills.
    • Actually logging some learning!

      Learning git cli commands in an effort to not rely on Sourcetree so much, and adding a "Blog Improvements" section in my Tasks page for improvements that I would like to capture.
    • Imagine.Dat's D3 + React Workshop

      My personal notes and next learning steps from attending an online D3 + React workshop.
    • Supercharging the Skills Table, Tasks, and Stats

      Adding snappy header sorting to the Skills table, adding even more Stats into the stats page, and making sure my Tasks page always has work for me ready to go.
    • Task Suggestions and Converting Skills

      Suggesting new tasks with an empty backlog, and pulling all skills over to the new format.
    • Progression Polish, Skill Cleanliness, and Navbar Search

      Creating an entirely different skill collection structure, fully-automated skill collection output pages, an automated learning task collection system, and cleaning up the navigation bar.
    • Stats Updates, Style, and Skill Progression Data

      Powering up my Stats pie chart, improving my CSS, and pulling in progression and course data to my skill collection entries.
    • Updating Postcards in AGWSU

      Back into React with pair-programming for AGWSU, and project maintenance and schedule tasks.
    • Stabilizing Learning Log and Back to React

      Reflecting on the past 3 months of web development and a few last improvements for Learning Log before switching back to other projects.
    • Fixing Search and Skill Sorting

      Hooking up skill details, sorting the skill table, fixing query search, and a few dead ends.
    • Skills Collection and Skill Badges

      Creating a collection for detailed per-skill information and changing the log skill list to a collection of badges instead of a list.
    • Finishing Stats, Post Navigation, and OnLoad

      Finishing the stats page (sort of), adding some CSS to post-to-post navigation and the post header info, and reworking onload into an include function.
    • Working Skills and Adding Stats

      Fixing my Skills page and using the lessons learned to capture blog stats.
    • Skills Data and Quality of Life Improvements

      Working towards richer skills data, search improvements, javascript loading framework, QoL improvements.
    • Creating my Skill Summary page

      Deep dive into Liquid to generate my Skills page content dynamically from journal logs.
    • Liquid and Custom Includes

      Practice with Liquid, adding social media buttons, time to read.
    • Jekyll learning and site setup

      Adding tags, categories, search, and fundamentals.
    • Hesitations and Coding

      A discussion puts things into better perspective and helps me overcome my hesitations towards web development
    • Learning Log Inception

      A summary post for how we got here, the reason for this site, and my hopes for how it develops

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